I provide immigration advice to people that wish to apply for an Australian visa, as well as businesses that wish to sponsor overseas workers.

I have +14 years’ experience working in the Australian migration industry. I completed a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Practice from Victorian University in 2007, after which I registered as a Migration Agent.

Areas that I focus on include:

  1. Local businesses to sponsor overseas workers
  2. Sponsors workers to apply for permanent residence
  3. Parents to join their Australian children
  4. Australians to sponsor their spouses, de facto partners
  5. Students to study in Australia
  6. Student graduates to apply for post study work rights and permanent residence
  7. Skilled migrants to apply for permanent residence
  8. Permanent residents to apply for Citizenship
  9. Refused applicants to apply for AAT review (within 21 days of refusal)
  10. Bridging Visa B applications to travel

I subscribe to migration legislation to stay abreast of case law & departmental policy.

I actively participate in online forums for migration practitioners to discuss difficult cases, topical issues, share advice, etc.

Please make an appointment to discuss your matter, email your requirements, or fill in the assessment form.


A consultation may run for 45 – 60 minutes, can take place online (preferable) or in person if need be.

The consultation fee is $330, which may be credited towards any future work we do together. The idea is to find an immigration solution for you.

A consultation with a Registered Migration Agent will help guide you towards the best possible visa outcomes, and potential pathways to permanent residence and Australian Citizenship if that your goal.


I provide immigration advice to people that wish to apply for an Australian visa, as well as businesses that wish to sponsor overseas workers.

I have +14 years’ experience working in the Australian migration industry. I completed a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Practice from Victorian University in 2007, after which I registered as a Migration Agent.

Areas that I focus on include:

  1. Local businesses to sponsor overseas workers
  2. Sponsors workers to apply for permanent residence
  3. Parents to join their Australian children
  4. Australians to sponsor their spouses, de facto partners
  5. Students to study in Australia
  6. Student graduates to apply for post study work rights and permanent residence
  7. Skilled migrants to apply for permanent residence
  8. Permanent residents to apply for Citizenship
  9. Refused applicants to apply for AAT review (within 21 days of refusal)
  10. Bridging Visa B applications to travel

I subscribe to migration legislation to stay abreast of case law & departmental policy.

I actively participate in online forums for migration practitioners to discuss difficult cases, topical issues, share advice, etc.

Please make an appointment to discuss your matter, email your requirements, or fill in the assessment form.



Tel office: (02) 9130 6319 | mobile : 0404 552 322

Address: 39 Gould st, Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW, 2026, Australia


Maylen Medina. 482 visa. Dec 2022.

I have been working with Brendan on different visa applications and it has always been a pleasure to work with him. He really assesses the chances, gives all the needed recommendations, and is very helpful and prompt to respond to any questions I had. I cannot recommend Brendan highly enough!

Siamak Moradi. 189 visa. Nov 2022. Occupation: Electrician.

I knew my case would be complicated as I needed a skills assessment from TRA, so I looked for a migration agent and after reading numerous reviews settled on Bondi Migration.
Right from the very beginning they have been professional , helpful , contactable , friendly and positive!
They have led me along in the right direction , buoying me when we became a little disillusioned.
They have patiently answered all my weird questions .
So a big thank you to all at the visa bureau with all your help achieving a 190 visa!
Special thanks

Ayaan Mohamud. 186 visa. Nov 2022. Occupation: Marketing Specialist.

I can’t recommend Brendan highly enough. He helped me with two different visa applications including permanent residency and was a pleasure to work with.

Etienne Bruwer. 482 visa. Oct 2022.

Had a really great experience with Bondi Migration, Brendan was always willing to go the extra mile in the visa application process. Would definitely recommend!

Yana Vozharovskaya. 820 visa. Sept 2022.

Great experience. Brendan is very professional. He always there to help on your visa application lodgement and happily answers all questions you have. Highly recommend his services.

Thomas Hespe. 820 visa. Sept 2022.

I cannot recommend Brendan highly enough! His work was professional, efficient, timely and thorough and fairly priced.
He guided us through the tasks my partner and I needed to complete with ease and patience and was available at all times to provide extra detail if needed.

Thanks Brendan; you’ve helped change our lives forever!

Annalisa Coleman. 155 visa. August 2022.

We had a situation recently concerning my partners Australian re entry visa which we needed in a hurry but had obstacles to overcome. Brendan was amazing. He guided us with correct wording for references and all necessary supporting documents we needed to ensure the best possible outcome. We found him to be highly knowledgeable, extremely helpful, efficient and very quick to react to our questions.

Josie-Anne T. Archambault. 190 visa. Occupation: Graphic Designer. August 2022.

I worked with Brendan for my post-graduate visa and permanent residency and he has been amazing to work with. Super efficient and very responsive. I only have good words!

Sergey Esenin. 500 Student visa. Russia. July 2022.

Working with Brendan was a pleasure. He honestly assessed our chances, gave all the necessary recommendations, and in a month we received a visa. Thanks Brendan!

Mika. 820 Partner visa. July 2022.

Trust me, This is the best Migration agent ever. I was actually desperate that time I found this agent, because of the previous agent mess-up our partner visa, no lodgement for 1and a half a year. it was so much stress and my visa was expired in 2months. It was my luckiest day that i found this Bondi Migration on google and saw amazing reviews. I straight to contact to Brendan as soon as I found, everything done very fast lodge in less than a months.

After 7 months, the visa granted.

thank you soo much Brendan !

Leili Kokanovic. Australian Citizenship. Iran. June 2022.

I have used Bondi Migration since I moved to Sydney on 2007 , Brendan is extremely professional and has offered best advise through many different visa classes I applied for. His great knowledge and experience has helped me through this challenging process to achieve my goal and become an Australian resident. I highly recommend his services. Thank you Brendan we DID It.

Gonzalo Quevedo. 186 permanent visa. Occupation: Industrial Designer. June 2022.

Thanks to Brendan’s expertise, our PR was granted without any additional requirements from the DoHA. He swiftly answered all the questions we had during the process. Together we submitted a superb application in Jan, receiving our granted letter in early May (186-DE). Facts speak louder than words.

Giovanna Marcela Orozco Mejia. 820 visa application. June 2022.

Brendan was helpful and promt to respond to any questions we had around the visa processing. We were definetely glad we chose him as our lawyer to process my partner visa.
Thanks Brendan

Caroline Miller. 482 sponsor transfer. June 2022.

Brendan is knowledgeable, efficient and provides great customer service. This was our first involvement in a sponsorship transfer; he was able to provide every piece of information from the outset and guide us through the process with ease. He also displays compassion, I believe he genuinely cares about helping people. Thanks Brendan!

Jennifer Lonji Lubwa. 190 visa. December 2021.

Brandan was meticulous in explaining key steps and processes that I had previously missed in my submission and helped me to successful get the outcome I needed.

Jenya Goloubeva. 143 Contributory Parent visa. Dec 2021.

Brendan did a great job, delivering the wanted outcome in absolutely record time. He was available without fail to answer questions throughout the process (including responding when he’s on holidays), to problem-solve (including malfunctioning electronic forms that need to be filled out to strict deadline), and to offer advice and reassurance (even across tricky time zones). He’s personable and patient with a complete understanding of the immigration system and the multiple requirements for submitting a successful visa application. Many thanks, Brendan!

Ming d’Arcy. AAT Hearing. 801 Partner visa. October 2021.

Brendan at Bondi Migration- THANK YOU !
My partner and I ( I’m an Australian Citizen and she is from France), were rejected a partner visa nearly 6 years ago. (We wrongfully thought we could do it ourselves). It escalated to an AAT Partnership hearing. And we needed some serious help and advice. Brendan from Bondi Migration, took us through the journey with expert yet down to earth advice, he understood the process and made us feel at ease .. and yes got us through! .. I would recommend Brendan at Bondi Migration, to assist with your visa from an early stage as to avoid the drama. And even if you are at a later stage Brendan is professional and knows the process. Highly Recommended

Chris Kostrzewa. 820 visa. March 2021.

Success story with Brendan regarding getting a partner visa. He was super easy to work with, straight to point, answered questions in a timely manner. Could not recommend more if you want the process to go easy and well.

Quinton Lotz. 820 Partner visa. December 2020.

Working with Brendan has been an absolute pleasure, has worked on my case files so professionally and promptly.
I know that should I ever need any further assistance in regards to a visa that Brendan will be my choice…
He made the tasks seem so easy when having seemed like so much. I recommend going to Bondi Migration to anybody that is looking to do their Visa.
Thanks a million times over to you for everything you have done through this journey.

Eugenio Maiale. Restaurant owner. 482 + 186 visa. November 2020.

Ive been using Bondi migration for over 6 years. Brendan is always super efficient, has excellent communication skills, is extremely professional and always a delight to deal with. Over the years he has given me 100% success rate and this is testament to his expertise in this very niche area. I would without hesitation recommend Brendan to all of my industry colleagues.

Simon Allen. Subclass 186. Retail Buyer. July 2021.

Amazing service. Used Bondi Migration for two visa’s and have been extremely happy with the service and attention to detail he provides.

Always happy to talk over options, and give gave great advice. Referred a few friends also who have had similar great experiences. Would definitely use again and highly recommend. Thanks

Jenya Goloubeva. Oct 2021. Subclass 143 Contributory Parent visa

Brendan did a great job, delivering the wanted outcome in absolutely record time. He was available without fail to answer questions throughout the process (including responding when he’s on holidays), to problem-solve (including malfunctioning electronic forms that need to be filled out to strict deadline), and to offer advice and reassurance (even across tricky time zones). He’s personable and patient with a complete understanding of the immigration system and the multiple requirements for submitting a successful visa application. Many thanks, Brendan!

Brendan’s work was fantastic. From the very beginning he was great in guiding us in collecting all documents needed for our application and explaining to us all the process meticulously.
All along the waiting period he’s been keeping us updated and has always been there for us for any question we had.
We highly recommend his help for any visa advice and application.

Fabiana Loddo. Nov 2021. Partner visa (De Facto) Subclass 820/801

Brandan was meticulous in explaining key steps and processes that I had previously missed in my submission and helped me to successful get the outcome I needed. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Lonji Lubwa. 482 sponsor transfer

My partner and I went to Brendan having been recommended him by a friend. Brendan was personable, professional and efficient. He was always thorough and gave us the best advice. We have now had our VISA approved a mere 3 months later and look forward to using Brendan moving forward to PR in the future.

Richard Faludi. Dec 2020. Subclass 820 De Facto Partner visa

Just got my pr today with the help of Brendan. He’s been a fantastic help thoughout, always available and willing to help. Would recommend

Joe Bowen. Subclass 186 visa. Electrician

Ive been using Bondi migration for over 6 years. Brendan is always super efficient, has excellent communication skills, is extremely professional and always a delight to deal with. Over the years he has given me 100% success rate and this is testament to his expertise in this very niche area. I would without hesitation recommend Brendan to all of my industry colleagues.

Eugenio Maiale. Restaurant Owner. Subclass TSS 482 visa

Brendan was a pleasure to deal with. He was on top of everything and got through our application as quickly as possible. More than happy to recommend him!

Matthew Stubbs. Feb 2021. Subclass 820 De Facto Partner visa
Brendan is incredibly helpful and knows what he is doing, I got my visa approved in under 2 years with no issues. Brendan is a great help and made the process very straight forward. Couldn’t recommend more!

Alejandra Caycedo. Jan 2021. Subclass 820 De Facto Partner visa
Brendan has been really professional and super helpful, always responsive to my emails. I got my partner visa within 11 months thanks to his advice! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a skilful agent. Thanks for helping us throughout the process Brendan!

November 2020. Eri Sasaki. Subclass 820 De Facto Partner visa
I have been in touch with Bondi Migration and Brendan for over 3 years. They have provided me with great insights regarding what paper work to provide (lot’s I never would have known without their help), good communication and transparency with potential outcomes. I have had a tricky case and was recently granted my Visa- I would highly recommend Brendan and his team at Bondi Migration.

November 2020. Samantha Nowell. Subclass 820 De Facto Partner visa
I’m very happy and grateful for all the advices and work Brendan did for me. My visa got aproved within 10months. I can de definitely say he knows what’s he is doing when the subject is Partner visa!! Thank you very much!!

October 2020. Leo Magalhaes. Subclass 820 De Facto Partner visa

I cannot speak highly enough about the service Brendan provided. I’m all too well aware that this area can be big volume and busy without the personal touch but not so with Brendan.

He takes on your situation as your own at least that’s how it felt to me. That he genuinely cared, thought through the issues, navigated them strategically, while always realistic, and straight up.

But what really blew me away was how phenomenally responsive he was. Totally exceeded my expectations, I was never left waiting anxiously on a query.

I had used big name alternative agents before but know I made the best possible choice with Brendan. Thank you!

July 2020. Samantha Mangwana. Solicitor. Subclass 186 Direct Entry

Working with Brendan has been an absolute pleasure, has worked on my case files so professionally and promptly.
I know that should I ever need any further assistance in regards to a visa that Brendan will be my choice…
He made the tasks seem so easy when having seemed like so much. I recommend going to Bondi Migration to anybody that is looking to do their Visa.
Thanks a million times over to you for everything you have done through this journey.

June 2020. Quinton Lotz. Subclass 820 De Facto Partner visa

Bondi Migration is amazing. Their agents are knowledgeable, patient, reliable and kind. Immigration can be a stressful process and having people who feel like they are on your side and are invested in helping make the journey as simple and successful as possible is a huge relief. I have been so grateful for their assistance and guidance in my immigration process and am so glad I was able to find them. They have the capacity to work with all visa situations including both professional / skilled visas as well as student visas. Highly highly recommend working with these guys!

November 2020. Olivia Katz. Student visa

Brendan handled my 485 visa application with professionalism and care. My visa was approved within a month! I’m beyond happy as he picked up on things I would have possibly missed if I would have submitted on my own. Will be using his services in the future

May 2020. Kayleigh Jones. 485 visa

best result. Just recently he handled permanent visas for my parents. The waiting period for these visas is over 5 years with many formalities on the way and Brendan was helping us with every step on the way until the day the visas were granted. I highly recommend him.

May 2020. Olena Tulubinska. Subclass 143 Contributory Parent visa

Thank you to Bondi Migration a specially Brendan for my partner and daughter permanent resident visa. They handled my case extremely well so professional, always explaining requirements, answering all my questions and making me feel relaxed about the whole thing. Based on my experience, I would rate 5 out of 5 for the service provided by Bondi Migration.

April 2020. Hendyanto Lou. Subclass 309 partner visa

Me and my partner used Brendan’s services for our 457 sponsorship visa coupled with a partner visa. He was extremely quick gathering all the needed details and submitting our application as we were under a really tight deadline. Brendan is very organized, professional, knowledgeable and sufficient! We highly recommend him and we will definitely use his services again in the future.

Dec 2019. Klarika & Georg. Construction. Subclass 482 visa

Brendan helped me with my 482 visa. I had a very tight deadline to submit my application before my current visa expired and Brendan was very quick and sufficient at making sure the application was through on time.

Feb 2020. Fiona Maclay. Subclass 482 visa. Public Relations Professional.

Brendan did both my sponsorship and PR visas. He’s so helpful and makes the whole process seamless. Thanks so much Brendan!

Nov 2019. Anna Morwenna. Subclass 457 + 186 visa. Media Producer.

Brendan has helped me through many different Visa classes over the years. His great knowledge has made every step of the way as easy as possible. Thank you for all your services.

Aug 2019. Leili Poureihimi. Student visa, 457 visa, Partner visa.

Brendan knows what he’s doing He’s a genuine man and a professional agent His advices will always be clear and objective, his work transparent and accurate.

6/8/2018. Alice Laganaro (Restaurant Manager). TSS Subclass 482 visa

Brendan was a pleasure to work with. Very thorough in regards to all documentation and in advising on the best path forward. In the end, my visa was granted only 2 1/2 months after lodging, as opposed to the 5-11 months stipulated on the Department of Home Affairs website. Thank you Brendan!

1/8/2018. Thor Andre. TSS Subclass 482 visa

Brendan successfully managed the PR process for my partner and I. He was always helpful, diligent, very quick to answer and to turn things around. I would recommend his services with my eyes closed!  Thank you!

04/10/2017. Francois Bonnancy. France. Subclass 186 visa

Brendan handled both my 457 visa sponsorship and permanent residency. He did a great job and really made sure that we built a solid case with no room for doubt to ensure a positive outcome. I highly recommend his services!

01/07/2018. Bahar Harati. Iran. Subclass 457 & 186 Direct Entry

After deciding I wanted to join my finance in Australia. Brendan advised us on the best visa route and course of action. He set up a dropbox with all the documents that was easy to use and share. He checked that all documents were as they should be and advised on content where required. He gave a good level of assurance that the application was in good order which helped us feel assured we had not made mistakes. The visa was granted in exactly 3 months which was very quick. Brendan delivered on the service we contracted him to provide. I would certainly recommend using an agent as more than anything it helps provide a level of assurance that you are not making a mistake and helps speed up the process.

14/10/2017. Matt Knopp. Subclass 300 visa

Brendan was recommended to me by a friend and after our first meeting he put my mind at ease with the whole skilled migration process which I was granted in 5 months of lodging the application. Very professional service and always available to answer any questions I had. Would definitely recommend Brendan, thanks again!

06/2018. Scott Macpherson. Skilled Migration. Subclass 186

Brendan successfully assisted me in moving from a working holiday visa to a 457 visa. The whole process was very smooth, organised, and efficient. Very happy I had Brendan’s help throughout this process.

13/11/2017. Lisa Judd. Subclass 457 visa

I would like to thank Brendan for the help and professional support he gave to my husband and my self during the process to get our Permanent Residency. He was always available replying to every email and phone call about any doubt or questions we had. It has been a long way but we made it!

17/03/2018. Stefania Angelini (Restaurant Manager). Subclass 186

We would like express our sincere thanks to Brendan from Bondi Migration for the support to achieve our Permeant Residence. Brendan was very skilled and knowledgeable with the immigration policies and regulations. Our case was complicated, and without Brendan expert support and guidance, we would not have achieved the visa easily. He remains positive, act professionally and always advises and response on time to my questions. I wish recommend Brendan to everyone who is seeking immigration services and assistances, he is supportive, welcoming and offer expert advice and able to response promptly to all your queries.

11/05/2018 Yousif, Hana & Sami, Subclass 187 Direct Entry Visa.

I can’t thank Brendan enough for the brilliant work he did in processing a skilled migration application which lead to my achieving PR status in just 2 months!

When I first spoke to Brendan about PR options I thought my options were limited and chances were slim. However, contrary to advice I’d received from other immigration agents, Brendan identified an opportunity for me to apply for skilled migration – and to my disbelief I am now an Australian Permanent resident, just 2 months after the process began.

Thanks again Brendan for your great work and always being at the end of an email or text for regular updates. Best, Charles

06/02/2017. Charles Grant. Skilled Migration 189 (Landscape Architect)

Really good experience dealing with Brendan. Timely advise and direction helped us navigate through the tricky space of Australian Immigration.

10/2017. Deepak Kurian. Subclass 186 Direct Entry

We would like to say a huge thank you to Brendan for all his help and advice for my partners visa.  After a stressful time, full of uncertainty Brendan was always there to answer my emails and phone calls.  Brendan made the process much easier for us and we are so happy that we chose him to help.  My partner is now in Australia and we are excited about our future together!  Thank you Brendan 🙂

12/12/2016. Louise Lembach + Umesh (from Nepal). Subclass 300 visa

As a succesful business owner i thought i could do immigration applications myself – i was wrong. After getting into some trouble i went and saw Brendan (Brendan was reccommended from a local Bondi business owner. Brendan took on the very difficult case and got myself and an irreplaceable member of staff the result we needed. Brendan was very professional throughout the process and ensured we knew what was going on, every step of the way. I reccommend Bondi Migration very strongly and I am very glad we decided to appoint Brendan to the case.

15.11.2016. Matt Vozella   Managing Director, Speedo Fitness Club. Subclass 457 sponsor

I had walked past the office many times and finally arranged a meeting to discuss my visa options. Brendan was accommodating and knew exactly what was required. Brendan was timely in his responses and I achieved the outcome I wanted. I would have no issue recommending Bondi Migration

07/11/2016. Zak Lewin. Subclass 186 Direct Entry. Architect. China

Brendan helped me apply my working visa and my permanent residency last year. He is very helpful and knows what he is doing. His responses to my emails were very quick. I am very happy with his services.

24/5/2016. Joyce BAI. Subclass 186. Accountant. China

After hearing horror stories about unserious agents I was finally introduced to Brendan a few years ago through a friend who had used him for her de facto visa.

Over the past 6 years Brendan has effortlessly helped me with two sponsorships and finally my PR, which was a complicated case.

Brendan is confident in his work and never fails to deliver which is evident from my own experience and the people I’ve recommended him along the way. He always presents options and is honest about the expected outcomes. Thank you for securing me a future in Australia Brendan.

Brendan was recommended to me by a friend who had just got his PR, and Brendan was his agent. After 7 years in Australia and working with a few others Agents, I can say that Brendan is extraordinarily the best by far.

14/4/2016. Behnaz Norian. Subclass 186. Physiotherapist. Sweden

Brendan is absolutely fantastic! He is very professional and he has made my permanent residency visa application (186) very quick and easy. I got it in less than four months!

He always responds to emails very quickly and make himself available for any concerns or questions you might have. I would recommend him for any visa applications. Thank you!

26/07/2015. Marine Faivre. Subclass 186 visa. France

I was having some trouble with my visa and was referred to Brendan from a friend who had used he’s services to get his PR. Within 4 months I am happy to say Brendan made me a permanent resident. I have and will continue to recommend Brendan at Bondimigration thanks again Brendan great work.

30/12/2015. Michael Reidy. Subclass 189 visa. England. Electrician

Thank you Brendan for taking complete care of my 457 application and making the whole process (relatively) stress free despite some complications with my situation/application. I highly recommend Brendan to whoever is looking for a professional migration agent

20/11/2015. Nick Forro. England. Subclass 186 visa

He made  my PR – 186 process look easy and he kept me throughout the journey very confident that everything was going to be alright. He knows what he is doing very well and he is always a step ahead in the process!

14/05/2015. Thiago Nogueira. Subclass 186 Direct Entry. Brazil

Thank you Brendan for your work helping us achieve our permanent residency. Brendan is professional and knowledgeable at all times, what could have been a long, stressful process was made very easy and completely stress free. We highly recommend Bondi Migration to anyone.

03/05/2015. Aidan and Olena. Subclass ENS 186 visa. Electrician

Brendan at Bondi Migration was recommended to us by our company who had used his migration services before, and he has absolutely ensured a smooth and efficient processing of our family’s PR visa’s. I would highly recommend using him for any migration/visa service, he is very responsive, gave us continuous support and made the whole process so much easier.

03/03/2015. Ludovic Ledru. Subclass 186

Brendan helped my partner and I get our PR (subclass 189), and we couldn’t have asked for a better migration agent! It was easy to tell he had great knowledge and experience in the way he answered all of our questions and made the whole process very smooth and convenient.

Whenever we had a question he would always reply immediately, even on the weekends! I can not thank you enough Brendan!

09/02/2015. Emelie Kusoffsky. Sweden. Subclass 189 visa. visa lodged 05/12/2014

Working with Brendan from Bondi Migration was an absolute pleasure. Brendan offered continuos advice, support and strategic knowledge throughout the whole visa process. I just received my permanent residency and would recommend Brendan’s services to anyone who is looking to stay in Australia!! Thank you Brendan.

07/01/2015. Franziska Link. German citizen. Subclass 457, 186 visa

I met Brendan six years ago, at the recommendation of a friend who achieved citizenship as a result of Brendan’s skill, knowledge and perseverance.

Brendan worked with me in providing me with the attainment of my multiple visa residency. Throughout this trying period Brendan granted me with the power to be persistent with my application. Brendan works in a professional manner, yet carries each case close to his heart in a extraordinarily personal and touching way.

I can highly recommend Brendan as an immigration agent as he facilitated in minimizing the typically timely and demanding nature of the application process. Credit is solely due to Brendan for the success of my application

17/12/2014. Lior Manheim. Israeli Citizen. Subclass 485, 457, 186 visa

I highly recommend Bondi Migration for any business visa requirements, being a start up company we were concerned with how complicated it might be but Brendan ensured a smooth  step by step journey, we secured both permanent residency and 457 visas for our employees. Brendan also has a plethora of good contacts to help out with all the necessaries.

22/09/2014. Ryan Coombs. Subclass 457 -> 186 Direct Entry permanent residence

We have used other agents extensively and Brendan is head and shoulders above the rest. He took the time to research the industry and occupation to ensure that the submission was comprehensive and accurate. I highly recommend his services for both personal and business clients looking for migration solutions.

06/11/2014. Oceania Oncology. Subclass 457 nomination, visa

I have just received my PR visa… working with Brendan, made the whole visa process smooth for me. He was always on top on things and keep the required documentation ahead of submission in utmost order. He indeed provided me with a very clear initial consultation which helped in the overall visa process.

10/9/2014. Name = Carlos Vazquez. Subclass ENS 186. Columbia

Brendan came highly recommended to us by friends of ours and he did not disappoint.  He was very professional and efficient  In completing our 457 visa application and I could not recommend him more. He kept in regular contact with us and my partner’s employer and made sure that every part of our application was carefully and meticulously completed before submitting it to the visa bureau. Needless to say our visa application was approved within a couple of weeks.

29/09/2014. Donna Quilty. Subclass 457 visa

Salve Brendan, volevo ringraziarti infinitamente per il tuo super impegno nel portare a termine tutta la documentazione necessaria per ottenere la residenza in Australia. Vorrei raccomandare a chiunque volesse porre le basi per un futuro in Australia di contattare Brendan. Il migliore ed onesto  avvocato di immigrazione a Sydney. Grazie infinite. Simone De Pizzol

Dear Brendan, I’d like to thank you again and again for all your effort and hard work you have dedicated to my case in regard to get my permanent residency. You have been the most loyal and trustworthy lawyer i have ever known. I’d definitely recommend you to anyone in need of immigration assistance! Thank you again Brendan! Regards, Simone De Pizzol

01/09/2014. Simone De Pizzol. Italy. Subclass 457 visa -> Subclass 186

The immigration process is anything but easy to navigate. Brendan has been fantastic, lending his expertise, professionalism, and patience to ensure that everything was done right for a successful outcome. It would have been difficult, if not impossible without him. Highly recommended.

20/08/2014. Name = Justin Bonsey. USA. Subclass 457 visa

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brendan to anyone looking for visa assistance. He organised and processed my permanent residence visa, providing sound advice throughout and making the process simple and easy for me to follow.

Even when we hit a bump in the road towards the end when it transpired that the documentation my company had submitted was incorrect he ensured that any resulting problems were ironed out quickly and easily with minimal impact/stress on me as the applicant.

Thank you Brendan! It feels amazing to be a permanent resident of Australia.

07/04/2014. Stephanie Owen. United Kingdom. ENS 186 Temp Residence stream. NOTES: Associated entities under the Corporations Act

I used Brendan for both my 457 sponsorship visa and two years later when I was eligible my permanent resident visa . I had a difficult situation as I was in a small company so some of our requirements were hard to get but Brendan was calm and positive and professional all the way through both applications .

He reached out in every way to help and was always there when I emailed or called to speak to me . I am very happy and have recommended him and will continue to recommend Brendan to friends and other people .

I am a permanent resident now thanks to Brendan ! ! Fantastic job

03/04/2014 Janine ketchedjian. British. ENS 186 DIrect Entry. TRA Skills Assessment (Hairdresser)

Brendan provided immigration assistance to my wife and myself and helped us to organise Skill Assessment and Permanent Residency within less than 6 months.

The whole process was very clear and easy to follow. He helped us to prepare all neccessery documents and most of them were created and lodged by himself. Great service!  I’d highly recommend Brendan based on his experience, knowledge and exceptional customer service!

04/04/2014. Maciek Mikosik (Poland). Subclass ENS 186 Direct Entry. 2 months processing .

Brendan was honest from the start and never gave me false hope in a case that was so complicated I never though it was possible. But he made sense of it all and made my case a success. Other than being a great at what he dose, he is a good man. Keep cycling Brendan and keep safe on the road.

04/04/2014. Peter and Chloe Merridew (British). Subclass 457

Brendan was excellent! Helped me with my 820 partner visa with only a few weeks to spare, He was very quick to resolve any issues that came up! always had to time to answer my questions and he really knows his stuff! You wont go wrong with Brendan has to be the best around!

01/04/2014. Ian Horgan. Ireland. Subclass 820 De Facto partner

wayne hack electrical.jpg

Thank you Brendan for making the daunting process of submitting applications so very easy. I doubt it would have been a positive outcome without his experience & efficiency to guide us through the process. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Brendan/Bondi Immigration.

07/03/2014. Sarah Hack – Australian business. Subclass 457 Sponsorship

The whole process was explained clearly and professionally by Brendan, and my visa was granted today!! Brendan was always very accessible, and it was great to have him to guide me through the application and answer any questions – nothing was ever too much trouble for him. Thank you, Brendan!

19/02/2014. John – Netherlands. 820 De Facto relationship.

Brendan really help me and my boyfriend a lot, I was apply for two visa for me and my boyfriend in the same time, and Brendan help us to get the visa in a really short time! If I need help, Brendan is always there, every time I sent e-mail to him, he always reply straight away, I\’ll recommend Brendan to my friend who need help!

12/2/2014. Piper Lin. Subclass 457. Pastry Cook. New business sponsorship.

Brendan has been very helpful and professional and always answering all my questions promptly. After resolving issues caused by incompetency of my previous agent, I have been granted Skilled – Independent (VB 885) visa. I’m very grateful for finding Brendan and using his services. Highly recommend.

11/12/2013. Veronika Larisova. Czech Republic. Excercise Physiologist. Subclass 885

Brendan has been great and very helpful. He’s very clear in explaining what your options are and he’s very patient. I would strongly recommend him.

08/11/2013. Aris van Zwam. Netherlands. ENS Subclass 186. Marketing Specialist.

I can’t recommend Brendan and Bondi Migration enough! Brendan has secured no less than three visa’s for me.  Due to my difficult situation each one of them at some point, seemed like an insurmountable hurdle and I strongly feel that without Brendan’s professional guidance, eye for detail and friendly relaxed nature they would have been. Thank you Brendan

08/11/2013. Nick Rook. Electrician. England. Subclass 186. Skills Assessment. TRA. Obtained waiver from Stage 3 practical exam.

Brendan is a very professional immigration lawyer. He helped me in many ways through the past 9 months for my PR. Highly recommended! Thanks a lot Brendan!

21/11/2013. Zie Liu. Architect . China. Recent Graduate. Subclass 190 – NSW State Sponsored

Brendan made my PR application a very easy process. He arranged everything from skills assessments to police checks. Even though my situation was constantly changing due to complicated visa issues, he just rolled with it and a few months later i have my PR! OVER THE MOON! I would highly recommend Bondi Migration.

Electrician, Joe Phillips – England. Subclass 190 – NSW State Sponsored Skilled Migration. 03/10/2013

Brendan was brilliant, making the whole process easy and stress free. Our PR was approved within three months of our first meeting with him.

17/09/2013. Laura  Oliver Pease – England. Visa = Subclass 186

Brendan helped me with my PR application to be approved in less then 10 weeks. He was very professional and has an extensive knowledge of Australian Immigration laws and processes. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to go through the immigration processes smoothly and successfully.

16/09/2013. Lenka Satankova. Visa = Subclass 186

A friend of mine recommended Bondi Migration and I have not been disappointed at all. My visa was granted just under 2 months after submission and the process was very straight forward and well managed. Brendan has been very efficient and kept me in the loop. I have already recommended Bondi Migration to a couple of friends and colleagues.

14/09/2013. Visa = Subclass 186. Amelie Boucherit – France

Brendon was great from the outset and took me through the process quickly and hassle free. I would have no issues recommneding his services to friends and collegues in the future.

16/09/2013. Visa – Subclass 186. Hannah Pritchard – England

Brendan was very helpful and did an amazing job across every detail of the process. He managed to get my sponsorship sorted in a very short amount of time. I strongly recommend him to anyone that might need his services.

Stefano Knoll – Italy. 04/09/2013. Visa = Subclass 457

Brendan managed to get my visa approved with minimal fuss and the process went along smoothly. He kept me informed throughout. I have recommended him to a number of colleagues.

Michael Robertson – oOh! Media Pty Ltd. 19/06/2013. Visa = Subclass 186

Bondi Migration was seemless and efficient. Brendan exceeded our expectations from start to finish. Our company had to go through all three stages of a 457 sponsorship in a limited time frame – we could not have done this without Brendan’s consistent efforts. We were referred to Bondi Migration and will now be referring them to others without a doubt. Excellent work, thank you.

457 company sponsor. 22/06/2013. Visa = Subclass 457

Bondi Migration was recommended by a friend and we haven’t been disappointed at all. The application process, fully managed through Dropbox, was quick and painless.

I’ve already recommended Bondi Migration to all my friends and colleagues looking for a reliable migration agent. Cheers

Thomas Fabre – France. 27/07/2013. Visa = Subclass ENS 186

Our ENS 186 was approved 6 weeks after submission. Unexpectedly fast and efficient! Thank you Brendan for managing this process so smoothly.

Marie de Vries – France. 09/06/2013. Visa = Subclass ENS 186

Bondi Migration were very professional in taking a first time sponsor through the process of obtaining the relevant  457 visa for a key staff member we wanted to retain.

Based on my experience would recommend Brendan from Bondi Migration.

Rhod Webb – Director – Sign A Rama Sydney CBD. 22/5/2013. Visa = Subclass 457 Standard Business Sponsorship

Bondi Migration secured permanent residency for the family in a very efficient & speedy process. I have recommended his services to a number of other candidates & would not hesitate to do so again.

Sean Rigby – oOh! Media Pty Ltd. 22/05/2013. Visa = ENS Subclass 186

I have no hesitation in recommending Brendan/Bondi Migration to anyone needing help with Visa applications. Brendan made the whole process simple and application was approved within one week! Thanks again Brendan!

29/06/2012. Visa = 457 Business Sponsorship

Would not have been able to get through the maze of Immigration laws and requirements without the great patience and perseverance of Brendan. Thank you Look forward to meeting, when mum finally gets here!!

Christel Keijzer – South Africa. 10/1/2013. Subclass 143 Contributory Parent visa

Thanks to Brendan, my wife and I got our Permanent Residency in less than 15 weeks, in a period covering Xmas and the long summer holidays.

02/04/2013. Visa. Subclass 186

A great outcome provided the high amount of applications that the immigration department has received since 1st of July condition changes. Brendan is everything you want when you hire someone to help you get a visa:

Leadership – Brendan will steer the application from A to Z efficiency – it is so good to work with someone who favours electronic documentation to heavy paperwork. Great communication and responsiveness – makes you feel well looked after. I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone who needs an agent to go through the immigration process – well, have already done so. Thanks Brendan !

Thomas Dexmier – France. 31/3/2013. Subclass 186

Brendan has been meticulous in the preparation our PR application. His advice was extremely valuable in sourcing the most appropriate documents and ensuring that the documents were fool proof. At a time when there were significant delays in application processing times, our application submitted by Brendan was approved and our PR granted with no further questions from DIAC, and in relatively lesser timeframe than most experiences shared on the web by other applicants.

Micheal, India. Subclass 186

Brendan was very helpful and across every detail of the process. Would recommend him to anyone, especially as a business owner, he takes the hassle out of the application process.

08/03/2013. Coombes. Company = Batlow Cider. Subclass 457 Business Sponsorship

Brendan Muldoon offers a uniquely personal service. He was with me on every step of the application process, always readily available to provide expert advice. The result was a very quick turn around on my PR application. I would recommend his services to anyone going through a visa application!

22/2/2013. Gary Agolini. Engineer – Skilled State Sponsored Skill Select

Brendan has absolutely blown me away in his approach during our Subclass 820 partner visa application. He’s extremely knowledgeable and took care of our case as if it were his own. We applied during the busy festive season and yet my visa was granted in no longer than ONE MONTH! Thank you Brendan – you are a legend.

16/1/2013. Davitha Rinner & Steve Ghiassi – Netherlands. Subclass 820 Partner visa application

My 457 sponsorship situation was a tricky one but after one consultation with Brendan I was confident I had the right guy for the job. Brendan saw possibilities where other agents saw problems and he presented options to me that I didn’t know existed. My 457 sponsorship came through within the timeframe he had given me. Thank you Brendan for your dedication, support and professionalism.

21/1/2013. Norian. Subclass 186. Physiotherapist.

I highly recommend Brendan Muldoon as a Migration Agent. I have no words to describe Brendan’s work and character. Brendan achieved what other agent had told me was impossible. My complex application was not only possible for Brendan as well as finished in 6 weeks, when I got my PR. Brendan is very professional, very easy to work with and very knowledgeable of the Australian Immigration laws and processes.

He makes a complex application seem easy and helps you through all the process with dedication and expertise. I’m a Brazilian married with an Australian. I met my husband in Sydney, but had to go back to Brazil due to work commitments.

We were together as a couple, and even had a child, but were living in different countries. From time to time we would travel to meet each other. Although we were together as a couple for 2 and half years, living apart was an obstacle to acquire the Partner Visa. Thanks to Brendan and before I expected I got my Visa. Brendan, I really appreciate your invaluable work!

22/1/2013. Gisela Leao. Subclass 457

If you need help with your Visa, I definitely recommend BRENDAN, the right arm of God. 🙂 Less then 15 days and i got my 457 Visa. Thanks Brendan for all your effort!!

SIMONE DE PIZZOL – Italy. 13-01-2012. Subclass 457 sponsorship, nomination + visa lodged 23-12-2011

Brendan was introduced to me when I was hoping to apply for my 457 working visa by my partner. I didnt know he could do such a wonderful job which made my application approved by the Immigration department within 4 days! Thank you Brendan for being so helpful and patient and incredible.

24-02-2012. Subclass 457 sponsorship, nomination + visa lodged 18-02-2012 – approved 24-02-2012. Yue LENG – China

I met Brendan on my first trip to Australia and in less than a year he helped me get my Skilled Migrant Visa! He guided me throughout the entire process and always helped me find solutions for the required documentation and the translations as well. I wouldn’t have been able to do it in such a short time without his help.

Pablo – Uruguay. 02/2012. Subclass 176 – NSW State Sponsored / lodged 12/2011 – approved 02/2012

Thank you Brendan for your support of our ENS Subclass 856 visa. The strength of Brendan is to know what information to put in the application and to constantly remind to do the next steps in the right order. It gives the peace of mind and improves the chances of a quick and successful application.

Dagmar and Tim Kayser – Germany. 02.04.2012. Subclass 856 lodged 07.03.2012 / approved 02.04.2012

Thank you Brendan for all your help and support and expert advise on my application for my student visa which was approved within two days!! Thanks again for everything!”

Nikos Andrianopoulos – Greece. Student visa

“I have referred clients to Brendan in the past for migration assistance and they have all been extremely happy and have gone on to refer their friends to Bondi migration. Brendan provides an excellent service and someone I will continue to work with”

Craig McDonald http://www.cbmmortgages.com

Brendan has an excellent understanding of the necessary requirements, considerations and internal procedures of the Australian immigrationHis thoroughness, good sense of reality and willingness to work within tight deadlines made us feel we were in capable hands.

Mariette – Netherlands. July 2012. Subclass 820 – Partner visa (approved in 2 weeks : July 2012)

“Brendan was a great help, he was recommended to me from a friend of mine. He was very clear about the process and made the application so much easier! We received my visa two weeks after submitting, which without a doubt would have taken much longer without his assistance. Brendan will ensure that your application is presented very well, for anyone who is indecisive about hiring an agent, Brendan is the go to guy. Thank you for all your help!”

Katie Casson – UK. Subclass 457 visa – newly established business sponsor

Thanks to Brendan and his thorough knowledge of the immigration policies and procedures, we rounded up all the information needed, most of which only with his knowledge, would we have known to get. Having all our ducks in a row, made the application process extremely quick to process, with a successful out come, of my partner and I receiving our 457 work visa. Which Brendan had a massive part in achieving the end result. I would recommended Brendan to anyone looking at entering the Immigration process. having him on your side gives a lot of confidence for a positive out come.

Thanks so much Brendan!”. Brendon Sundstrom – South Africa

Brendan was very professional and thorough at all times. Migrating to Australia with young children is a challenging undertaking and Brendan ensured that we were able to successfully navigate the process with a minimum of fuss. I would not hesitate in recommending his services to anyone else considering undertaking the same process.”

Anthony & Jess – UK. July 2012. Subclass 186 post July 2012 Regulations) – approved in 3 weeks

Brendan Muldoon was recommended to us by a long list of happy clients, his knowledge of Australian Migration law is unprecedented, my partner is Japanese and i am Irish, with Brendan’s help we were able to make our applications in our respective countries and be accepted within a month. Priceless….Thanks a Million Brendan”

John & Tomoko – Ireland and Japan. Subclass 457 visa, de Facto (couple living temporarily apart)

“So many thanks to Brendan, perfect job done! (visa granted in ONE week!). I am married to an Australian, and we lived in Switzerland for some years and decided quite spontaneously to come and live in Australia. The Australian embassy in Berlin told us that an onshore application takes a waiting period for the PR visa of 9-12 month, and an offshore application 6 months. Brendan, however, proved to us that a perfect Permanent Residency application (with all the required documents attached) can be granted within ONE WEEK! So here again: lucky to have found the right person to help us with our visa. Brendan has great analytical skills, is highly organized and knowledgeable – and just a nice person on top.”

Markus Frei – Switzerland. Partner (Permanent) Subclass 801 – approved in 11 days

“We met with Brendan early on in our visa application process. Brendan took a logical, methodical approach to our application and helped focus our energies on the key areas. Within an hour he ensured that our application would meet all legal, social and financial requirements and most importantly, that the application would be ‘decision ready’ from the moment it was sent to Immigration. Our quite complicated application for a UK De-Facto visa was approved within 7 days. Thanks Brendan for your invaluable advice and encouragement.

Aimee and James – UK. Subclass 457 visa – De Facto couple

“Brendan made possible what we thought was unachievable, due to the lack of commitment and not dedicated service of other agents. He takes seriously and as a challenge each case and enjoys solving your particular situation with accuracy, in one of the most complicated visa systems of the world. Thanks again Brendan…”

Gabriel & Geraldine – Venezuela. Subclass 457 + ENS Subclass 856 – approved in 13 days

“We would like to thank Brendan at Bondi Migration for processing our visa application quickly and stress free. I would recomend Brendan to anyone that is looking to make the move to Austalia. Our visa was aplication was processed and approved within less than 10 months. Brendan was always there at any time of the day/night to answer any queries that we may have had.”

Gareth & Joanne Jones – England. Tasmania State Sponsored Subclass 176 visa

“My partner & I sought Brendan’s help when we thought we had no hope of obtaining permanent residency. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. He assisted and guided us through every step of the application process. We were always able to contact him directly which we found very reassuring as we had heaps of questions! A decision on our permanent residency application was granted, hassle free, in a very short time. I would highly recommend Brendan to help with any type of visa assistance. Thank you Brendan for your help on making our dreams come true!”

Thomas & Orla – Ireland. ENS Subclass 856 Visa

“Thanks Brendan! Very professional to deal with – a great working knowledge of the legislation and how the system works in practice! Always at hand to answer questions. You’re efforts are much appreciated.”

Conal Horgan – Ireland. State Sponsored Subclass 176

“Thank you for making my application for permanent residency so easy. You made the process very smooth. I would highly recommend your services to anyone applying for visas to Australia.

Sharon Pickard – UK. Subclass 175 (Skilled – Independent)

“Brendan made the process to sponsor an employee under a 457 visa a breeze for us in what I envisaged as a complicated process. His informal but professional attitude made him very easy to work with and I wouldn’t hestiate to refer him to others.

Susanah Leung – Human Resources – Herringbone. Standard Business Sponsor – Subclass 457 visa

Thanks Brendan..it has been a pleasure working with you. After spending lots of money and time with several immigration agents I was so pleased to have found Brendan. Since Day 1 he has always been extremely professional, very knowledgeable in relations to the opportunities available..just such a relief! I’ve got my Permanent Residency exactly when Brendan predicted it would be granted. I will recommend Brendan to anyone who needs an Australian Visa. Thanks again.”

Giorgio Scappaticcio – Italy – Subclass 856. ENS Subclass 856 Visa

“We employed the services of Brendan at Bondi Migration to help us facilitate a 457 Nomination for a new employee. Due to the fact that we have not sponsored anyone before, our case had the potential to draw out to the point where it would become unfeasible to continue to pursue for all parties. Brendan took control of the case in the early stages and turned what looked to be an unlikely result into a very smooth, timeous and successful process for us. This resulted in our nomination being approved within a matter of weeks. We would highly recommend Brendan’s services to any business looking to undergo a sponsorship process in the future.

Titan Media Pty Ltd – Subclass 457 sponsorship. Standard Business Sponsor – Subclass 457 visa

“My initial application for PR, which I made on my own, got refused. So I decided to consult Brendan for advice. From the initial conversation until the day we lodged the visa, Brendan has been superb. He was always approachable and very solution orientated. Brendan went above and beyond and we delivered a waterproof case, which got granted within record time of 10 DAYS. Thanks Brendan!!!I will certainly recommend you.”

Nicole & Christian – Germany. ENS Subclass 856 Visa

“At a time when immigration laws and the criteria for PR are constantly changed, Brendan has helped us find different paths in the visa “jungle”. He has always been available and has quickly and objectively answered all our emails and inquiries. We are now permanent residents of Australia and would highly recommend Brendan.”

Johan Schyberg and Marie Svenungsson – Sweden. Subclasses 136 + 485 + 885

Where there is a will there is a way with Bondi Migration. Thanks Brendan for your efforts in finally getting our PR sorted in record time.

Vincent + Crystal – South Africa. Subclass 457 + ENS Subclass 856 Visa

“Brendan was able to get a year’s Working Holiday Visa for my son in the record time of ONE day – and all over a cup of coffee! A great, and extremely knowledgable guy to have working for you.”

Ricardo Parravicini – MD Adstream Italy. Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

“Thank you for making my application for permanent residency so easy. You answered all my questions clearly and quickly making the process very smooth. I would highly recommend your services to anyone applying for visas to Australia.”

Catherine O’Malley – United Kingdom. ENS Subclass 121 ENS visa

“Thank you Brendan for your meticulous work on getting my visa. You made the process very easy by guiding us through the entire visa application process. We appreciated the extra effort you went through, to answer all of our questions with the most up to date information available. We didn’t have to stress or fret about anything. We will recommend you to anyone we know needing an Australia Visa. Thanks again.”

Linda Bintoro – Canada. Contributory Parent Subclass 143 visa

“We had been in Australia for just over 7 months when we first got in contact with Brendan. Once we met him for a coffee and a chat he immediately put our mind at ease and made our defacto application incredibly easy. He made the process clear and simple, which made us feel relaxed and confident about the application and our defacto visa was approved within 2 weeks!! I will continue to recommend Brendan to other people looking for legal help in similar situations to ours.”

Oliver Newton & Amy Rosser – England. De facto Partner visa

“A huge thanks to Brendan from Bondi Migration! We have just successfully sponsored a fantastic team member & we could not have done this without the expert guidance, assistance & advice provided by Brendan. Not only did he patiently guide us through the whole process but Brendan did this with a no fuss easy to understand attitude! An absolute pleasure to work with… thanks a million Brendan you helped us to achieve our goal & to grow our business!”

Craig Wachholz – General Manager of Lets Go Surfing. Standard Business Sponsor – Subclass 457 visa

“We would highly recommend Bondi Migration to anyone needing a Migration Agent. Brendan is a pleasure to work with, he has a easy relaxed manner whilst being highly efficient and helpful. He really knows his stuff and has an endless repertoire of strategies to get the desired outcome. Thanks Brendan”

John Macdonald – Human Nurture Welness Solutions. Subclass 457 visa – Standard Business Sponsor

“I would definitely recommend Bondi Migration to anyone. Brendan made my permanent residency application so fast and easy. He was always available to answer any of my questions and did absolutely everything that he could to help me. I now have my residency finalised months before many of my friends who applied at the same time but with different immigration lawyers. So thanks again Brendan!”

Bernie – Ireland. Subclass 175. Accountant

“To those seeking an immigration agent I highly recommend Brendan Muldoon at Bondi Migration. In my own quest for residency, I spoke with at least a dozen immigration lawyers and agents. Some lawyers asked hundreds of dollars to even review the case. Others agents and lawyers told me that my case was very complicated and even doubtful.

Brendan, however, took another tact. He asked me very specifically about details of my application, and took time to review the viability of the case. He spoke with me at length at no charge before accepting my case. In these conversations, I came to appreciate his expertise, his integrity, and his genuine concern. Having full confidence in Brendan, I chose him to represent me in my application for residency. I came to think there must be a special gene belonging to Brendan which makes him a born immigration agent!

At every turn of the case, I found him relentlessly objective, thorough, and entirely dedicated to my case. Basically, his approach was to create an airtight case that simply could not be refused on any basis. Within days of applying we received the approval of residency from immigration.

Brendan, thank you once again for your dedication and expertise.”

Michael – USA. ENS Subclass 856 visa

“Having already met with two unhelpful immigration lawyers who dealt unsatisfactory advice and losing all hope on what seemed like an unsolvable situation, Brendan was recommended to us by friends. Our first meeting with Brendan was so productive and he unveiled so many more options to us than the first two immigration lawyers had led us to believe. Brendan is so knowledgeable and even more helpful. He is always available to speak with over the phone, or to meet with at the drop of a hat. Working with Brendan was such a pleasant experience and made the whole visa process so much more pleasurable than I had imagined and more importantly, successful. I have already recommended Brendan to so many friends who have needed an immigration lawyer since my first dealings with him and will continue to do so in the future.”

Candice – England. 457 visa redundancy & Partner visa application

“It has been a pleasure dealing with Brendan. His services are extremely professional and his knowledge of the migration process instills a sense of confidence. Brendan researched our case and left nothing to chance in ensuring a positive outcome. Brendan is very approachable and his services caring and personalised. We were thrilled with the outcome of acquiring the necessary bridging visa for our parents. Thank you so much Brendan”

Heather – South Africa. Aged Parent – Subclass 804 visa

“Thank you for the quality of the service provided. Because you were competent, easy to reach, flexible and friendly, you made the process efficient and killed the stress. Again, thank you very much”

Thibaud – France. Subclass 885 visa

“I can not even begin to say how happy my family and I were with Brendan’s help on getting our Permanent Visa. I felt that he was always there when ever we needed a question answered, day or night! Again thank you in all your help to make it possible. We will always be grateful to you.”

Bernadette & John – England. ENS Subclass 856 visa

“What can I say? Brendan`s service from Bondi Migration was fantastic. Totally professional, yet with the personal touch that really makes the difference. I would not be living here with my Permanent Residency stamped in my passport without his guidance and knowledge. It was not an easy application, yet he remained calm, with a wonderful straight manner and dedicated to do his best for a positive outcome – and it worked! I would recommend Brendan to anyone!! Thank you so much.”

Lucy – England. ENS Subclass 856 visa

“Brendan’s assistance was always very useful and efficient, and his informal attitude helped a lot in our communication. It all went even better than planned, and in record time!”

Marco – Italy. General Skilled Migration subclass 175

“This is for the the second time when I try to bring here my wife. The first time my application was not successfully even I used an migration agent from Australia. This time, thanks to Bondi Migration, my wife was here in less than 5 months. Thank you very much Brendan.”

Laurentiu Corifeanu and Brata Cristina – Romania. 08/05/2008 Offshore Spouse subclass 309 visa

“I turned to Bondi Migration after failing my original application. I was extremely happy with Brendan’s communication, advice and professionalism in getting my visa over the line and approved! Thanks again.”

Clayton – South Africa. 9/05/2008 Subclass 457 visa + ENS Subclass 856 visa

“My application for a skilled work visa wasn’t going to be easy due to complications in my previous employment requiring me to present non-standard evidence necessary for the application, but a rigorous approach and immaculate attention to detail meant that my visa application was accepted first time. I can’t commend Bondi Migration highly enough for this. In hindsight, I would never have got my visa if I had tried to do this alone – and I am not sure that many visa services would have been as diligent and tenacious. Thank you so much. I am delighted!”

Andrew – Scotland. 13/05/2008. General Skilled Migration Subclass 136 visa

I had been trying for about 2 years to get my permanent residency through a number of different agents and was spending a lot of money and not getting the results that I wanted. I met Brendan from Bondi Migration whose professional work ethics got me my PR within 4 months from start to finish. I highly recommend Bondi Migration to anyone wishing to stay here in Australia.”

Jason Bradwick – Wales. 03/06/2008. ENS subclass 856 visa

“I consider myself very lucky to have worked with Brendan from Bondi Migration, not only I was successful to be granted with my new visa in the shortest time possible but also now I have a friend that I can always trust and rely on.”

Amirali – Iran. 20/07/2011 Subclass 457 visa + ENS Subclass 856 visa

“When my relationship with my sponsoring partner broke down, I was unsure of my options and rights for staying in Australia. The assistance I received from Bondi Migration was absolutely priceless, and has enabled me to remain in the country through obtaining a skilled work visa. I would not hesitate in recommending Brendan to others in a similar situation”

Steve – England. Subclass 457 visa + Subclass 176 General Skilled Migration

“My visa was granted in less than 3 weeks!!! Brendan, you are the best! My case was not easy and I would still been struggling without your good advice and professionalism. Your friendly attitude made also the whole process easier! Thanks again.”

Cecile – France. 11/06/2008. ENS subclass 856 visa

“Brendan did a fantastic job at making sure my application process for permanent residency was painless, problem free and came through in record time! When you have a busy job and not much time outside of work, it’s great having someone to chase up the relevant paperwork from you and make sure that everything is in order. Using a Migration agent who knows the processes and is successful at getting results is priceless.”

Faye – England. 12/09/2008. ENS subclass 856 visa

“My case was not an easy one but complicated in terms of providing many financial documents, but with Bondi Migration’s advice and non-stop effort my visa was granted in a short period. Brendan is more than an agent, but a very good friend. Thanks for being patient; I know I made you crazy….”

Sharagim – Iran. 16/11/2008. Subclass 457 visa

“Great job – Bondi Migration knows exactly what they are talking about, every detail turned out precisely as they predicted. Bondi Migration not only offers friendly, personal, competent, reliable service – it delivers! Thank you!”

Avi Solomon and Mona Eggers – Israel / Germany. ENS subclass 856 visa + de facto couple evidence

“It is a pleasure working with Brendan from Bondi Migration. Since I came to Sydney he gave the right data which didn’t waste time to apply for residency. He is being a big help for me.”

Subclass 572 student visa. Leili – Iran