Bondi Migration is a local business offering migration assistance to businesses and visa applicants located in Bondi Beach, as well as greater Sydney.

I have an office in Bondi for consultations and follow ups.

What to look for when choosing a Migration Agent?

Preferably an office nearby where you can visit and meet in person. Some Migration Agents have fancy websites with no physical presence available. They focus more on digital advertising and marketing and less on practicing migration law. You`ll find some of the best Migration Agents and lawyers don’t have time for websites, they rely on word-of-mouth from previous clients.

Make sure the Migration Agent is registered with MARA. Look at their registration number, the smaller the number the better, it means they have been practicing a long time.

Look for good customer reviews on their Google business page.

Check to see they have experience in the visa category you are applying under. For example, if applying for a Business Skills visa, you may want to choose a Migration Agent with an Accounting background. If you have a complex refusal/review application, you may want to choose a Lawyer to assist.

You want to develop a good working relationship with your Migration Agent, as you may be communicating with each other for up to 2 years or more on some cases.

Fact sheets + costs

Before commencing any work with your Migration Agent, make sure to receive a Fact Sheet + costs relating to the visa you intend applying for. You should also receive a Cost Agreement setting out all the costs, which you can sign giving your Migration Agent instruction to proceed.

Client Bank Account

You may then pay a deposit to the Migration Agent’s Client Bank Account, where the money is held in your name until steps are completed as per your agreement. You should then receive an invoice showing the work completed and the Agent may withdraw the funds to their own business bank account.

You should also receive a Statement of Services at the completion showing all the financial transactions relating to your application.